Heavy Equipment Repair provides a full range of valve repair services for Murray Latta, Fabri, Delta and Dezurick valves that operate in the Oil Sands Bitumen Mining Sector across Alberta.

Upon arrival every valve is dismantled, cleaned and sand blasted (if required) then inspected for defects and a detailed repair report is established. All actuators are checked for defects and repaired as required.

Valves bodies, gates, seats, lifting lugs Wye bodies are assessed and refurbished as required. Actuators are tested for cycling and open/closed stops are set. Pneumatic and hydraulic actuators are tested to full air pressure or normal hydraulic operating pressure.

After assembly all valves are hydro tested to rated capacity and stroked to ensure sealing of all packing’s, and open/closed limits are set.

Upon completion Valves are labeled and painted to customers requirements.

In our Hydraulic Division our Technicians also offer complete overhauling of Portable 24 volt hydraulic Power Packs that are used for remote cycling of valves.

Heavy Equipment Repair is your trusted shop for all your oilfield valve repair and overhaul needs with experience in valve related projects large and small across the province of Alberta and Western Canada.

Contact us today to get started on your valve repair project.

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