Heavy Equipment Repair Ltd. is a supplier of Hardox® wear plate steel in Alberta, serving a large portion of western Canada.

What is Hardox® wear plate?

Hardox® wear plate is the world’s number-one abrasion-resistant steel that is hard and tough from the surface to its core. It can act as a wear plate, or a load-bearing component in many applications. Its hardness is unique to the Hardox® brand, due to the exclusive hardening process. Hardox® wear plate boasts a longer life, and a more consistent material than traditional AR plates.

The durability of Hardox® wear plate allows you to design structures that are not only wear-resistant, but strong and lightweight. This abrasion-resistant steel can be bent, formed and welded without losing its properties. It keeps a structure in shape without the structure becoming deformed.

Unique Hardox® wear plate is excellent for:

  • Conveyors
  • Dump Truck Bodies
  • Loading Buckets & Bulldozers
  • Excavation Buckets
  • Chutes
  • Crushers
  • Grading Blades
  • Any wear plate application

We currently stock various thicknesses of Hardox® HiTuf, Hardox® 450, Hardox® 500, Hardox® 550 and Hardox® 600 plates.  Not only can we supply the wear plates you need, we can cut, bend, roll, shear, break, machine, and weld Hardox® wear steel into almost any application you need.

Working with Hardox® wear plate

When you’re using Hardox® steel you want it cut right. We offer precision AutoCAD drawing, and CNC cutting capability. Our tables can handle parts up to 10′ wide and 40′ in length. Our burn table is equipped with both Oxy/Fuel and Plasma Capability. We also provide superior welding abilities of Hardox® wear plate.

The Hard Facts

Still not sure if you should choose Hardox® wear plate? This is why it should be your only choice:

  • Hardox® steel can take heavy blows without becoming deformed.
  • Hardox® wear plate will resist cracks if subjected to plastic deformation. If a local crack does occur, it will resist propagation.
  • Oil sand bitumen, rocks, coal, minerals, scrap metal, and other hostile materials are no match for Hardox® wear plate.
  • Hardox® wear plate can extend the service life of your equipment.
  • Hardox® steel features hardness throughout the plate, not just on the surface, and as a result, resists becoming brittle.
  • The wear-resistant steel can be thinner, which reduces vehicle weight. This contributes to lower fuel costs, increases truck payload, and allows fleets to carry more loads using the same vehicles.

The Bottom Line…

Using Hardox® wear plate will increase your productivity and your profits.

Contact us to get started on your next Hardox® project.

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