Industrial Supply Products

Heavy Equipment Repair supplies a wide range of industrial supply to businesses in and around Edmonton, Alberta.

We carry the industry’s highest quality industrial parts from top brands, including:

✔︎ Aeroquip©

✔︎ Procore©

✔︎ Miller©

✔︎ Lincoln©

✔︎ Goodyear©

✔︎ Caterpillar©

✔︎ Arctec©

✔︎ Linde© (now known as Messer)

We’ve got an extensive selection of industrial supply and parts, including:

✔︎ Hydraulic Hose & Fittings

✔︎ Belts & Hoses

✔︎ Batteries

✔︎ Bolts

✔︎ Seals

✔︎ Roller Chain

✔︎ Sprockets

✔︎ Pulleys & Hubs

✔︎ Flex Couplers

✔︎ Black Pipe

✔︎ Pillow Blocks

✔︎ Cable

✔︎ Chain

✔︎ Chemicals

✔︎ Bearings

✔︎ Camlocks

We also offer a very broad range of professional quality welding supplies, including:

✔︎ Welding Rods

✔︎ Welding Wire

✔︎ Cutting Attachments and Tips

✔︎ Insulators

✔︎ Portable Welders

✔︎ Gas-Driven Welders

✔︎ Stationary Welders

✔︎ And More

Caterpillar® Parts Dealer

Heavy Equipment Repair is a proud Caterpillar® parts dealer serving Edmonton, Alberta and beyond.

Our extensive selection of Cat® parts includes:

✔︎ Caterpillar engine parts

✔︎ Caterpillar skid steer parts

✔︎ Caterpillar hose parts

✔︎ Caterpillar pump parts

✔︎ Caterpillar fittings

If you’re looking for a locally-owned Cat® parts store near Edmonton, Heavy Equipment Repair has got you covered.

Need a specific Cat® part? Call us today! 

Lincoln© Parts Dealer

Do you work with Lincoln© welders?

As one of Alberta’s top industrial parts dealers, we carry a wide selection of Lincoln© welding parts.

If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we’ll be happy to order it in for you.

Our extensive selection of Lincoln© parts includes:

✔︎ Lincoln© welder parts

✔︎ Lincoln© stick welders

✔︎ Lincoln© electric welders

✔︎ Lincoln© mig welders

✔︎ Lincoln© tig welders

✔︎ Lincoln© welding rods including 6011 and 7018

✔︎ Lincoln© wire feed welder parts

Call us today about speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable Parts Department members!

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