Specialized Welding

At Heavy Equipment Repair we perform a variety of specialty welding processes, all geared towards protecting your Oil Sands and Mining equipment. Our cladding will help improve your equipment’s mechanical strength in addition to increasing its wear, galling, and corrosion resistance. We are proud to offer the following specialized welding processes:

Plasma Transferred Arc Welding

The PTA Process

Plasma Transferred Arc is the thermal process for applying corrosion and wear resistant layers to metallic materials. During the PTA process, soft alloys, medium and high hardness materials and carbide composites are deposited on to a variety of base materials. These high-quality metallurgically fused deposits are used to improve mechanical strength, wear resistance, galling resistance and corrosion resistance on relatively low-cost surfaces.

Advantages of Plasma Transferred Arc Welding

  • Easily automated
  • Wide range of base materials and consumables can be utilized
  • High metallic powder feed deposition rates and low powder losses
  • Produces alloy deposits that are tougher and more corrosion resistant than other welding processes

Weld Overlays

Weld Overlay (WOL), also known as cladding, hardfacing, weld cladding, or weld overlay cladding, is a process where one or more metals are joined together via welding to the surface of a base metal. At Heavy Equipment Repair we use alloys formulated with both tungsten carbide and chromium carbide to ensure you get the maximum life of your equipment.

Robotic Welding

Robotic welding can be an ideal solution for many projects as it offers the speed, repeatability and accuracy that many companies rely on to improve profitability. In addition to helping our customers increase profits, Heavy Equipment Repair’s robotic welding equipment eliminates waste and increases efficiency.

Our automated equipment and expertise have been tested and proven over and over again when it comes to delivering on projects of every size and complexity. At Heavy Equipment Repairs we are pleased to offer some of the most progressive robotic welding services available.

Advantages of Robotic WeldingFANUC ARC Mate Robot Worx Machine in Repair Shop

  • Increased productivity : robots can weld 3-5x faster than humans
  • Repeatable and consistent: a robotic welder can perform the same weld cycle for 24 hours, 7 days a week
  • Safety: reduced accidents to workers
  • Quality: robotic welders can achieve superior quality by ensuring the correct angle, speed and distance

Semi-Robotic Welding

Semi-automatic welding machines can handle the same projects as robotic welding machines, however the former requires more human labor. With semi-robotic welding, someone is required to load parts and monitor operation to completion.

Heavy Equipment Repair uses both robotic and semi-robotic welding to repair and manufacture large scale projects for the Oilsands and Mining Industries.

B-Pressure Welding

At Heavy Equipment Repairs we have several Grade B pressure welders, each certified to work with boilers, pressure vessels, and pressure piping systems.

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